A Great Watch for a Great Father

A Great Watch for a Great Father

So Father’s day is around the corner and you still haven’t figured out what to get your old man. You can always add to his collection of socks, or T-shirts, or get him one of those recliner chairs that your mother will destroy within a week, or treat him out for a nice brunch and call it a day.

All these options are viable but somewhat predictable and impersonal. Instead, you can choose to get him something he can have on his person every single day, which will always remind him of you. Yes, a watch is what you should get him.

Not only do watches last a lifetime, they are also great accessories for outfits and they never run out of fashion no matter how digital the world gets. A watch can also  be personalized to bear a photograph, an engraving or a design that is especially special to your father, making them feel even more cherished.

Whollow is a fantastic store for you to get an affordable high quality watch for your father. Here, you can get all types of watches to fit all types of budgets and tastes. The best part about this store is that, in case you are not sure about the kind of watch your father might like, you can instead purchase a gift card and let him pick one out for himself.

Whollow watches are designer watches manufactured in the company’s base city, London. The watches have been made to suit the preferences of customers all around the world. You can get a watch in the wide range of colors offers, with strap material of your choice. Whether leather or plastic or metal. Whichever feels best on your skin, or your father’s skin, you can get it.

Why You Whollow Watches

A benefit of considering Whollow watches as a gift for father’s day, apart from the meticulous products they sell, is that, no matter where you are in the world, with an address and the money, you can get the watches delivered.

First of all, this means that the shop has an online catalogue in which you can choose and order the watch or gift card you want. This means you get to save the time you would use to physically go to a watch shop and pick out a watch.

Secondly, all Whollow Watches come with a 24 month guarantee. The long-term assurance confirms the high quality promised by the store and watch manufacturers meaning you won’t have to have doubts while purchasing their products.

The watch store provides a 30 day return policy in case you get a wrong product delivered, a damaged delivery or you change your mind and you watch a different watch. With such a time allowance, you can book early, get the watch delivered and have it changed just on time for father’s day.

The delivery services of the store also give you the chance to surprise your father. You can make the delivery address be that of your old man and instead of hand delivering the gift, you let it get to him as a surprise, making it even more special and memorable to him.

Watches for Father’s Day

Wrist watches were always seen as women accessories up until the 20th century when men started wearing them as well. Pocket watches were the more masculine option. However with the changing tides and time, wrist watches are now more masculine than ever and getting one for your father on this special day is a brilliant idea.

Getting your father a watch as a father’s day is a special gesture because even if the hands stop moving or a strap gets damaged, the
watch will still physically remain and it will always serve as a reminder throughout his life.

It is not the price of the watch that matters as much as the thought behind it. With that being said however, it is never a sin to spend some money on your father as a thank you for all he has sacrificed for you. Customized watches are growing in popularity because you get to write a permanent special message for them to see every single day.

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