Best Men’s Watches for 2019

Best Men’s Watches for 2019

A good watch can make a man’s outfit, especially the sort of man who prefers not to wear flashy jewelry. Any man will need up to three men’s watches at any one time: an everyday watch, durable and sturdy. Next is a good watch for work, to be worn with a suit and to create a good effect. Finally, a dress watch. This is your chance to break out the bling, opting for gold or another precious metal, an elegant design and, perhaps, even some decorative gems. Here are some of the best watches that are working their way to the top of the bestseller lists in time for the 2019 season.

Classic Panther Watch

This beautiful watch is minimalist, sleek and stylish and manufactured entirely in black to add subtle elegance to any outfit. The strap is made from one hundred per cent black leather, which will fit comfortably around the wrist so the watch is secure and does not slide or slip. The minimalist design is finished off by the removal of the second hand – a feature that is largely obsolete these days when most smartphones come with a stopwatch, should it be necessary to time something that accurately.

The Classic Panther weighs just forty grams, so it is unlikely to be an irritant, no matter how long you wear it for, or how warm you become, for example, when working out in the gym. The watch is water resistant, so will survive everyday splashing and getting caught in the rain. The watch uses a Japanese quartz movement, so is certain to keep excellent time, which will ensure that you are never late for work, meetings, or – perhaps the most important of all – dates! The watch will be under warranty for two years following the day of purchase.

This watch is sturdy enough for use every day, whether you are at work, going on holiday, or simply pottering around the home. It is also smart eh2nough to wear for work teamed up with a suit, or smart office attire. Paired with evening dress or a tuxedo, the Panther is elegant enough to be worn to the most formal events without raising any eyebrows.

Mars Silver Watch


Cool and comfortable to wear, the Mars Silver watch is out of this world! The subtle gleam of silver – less ostentatious than gold while still offering the attraction and opulence of a precious metal – looks great in almost any situation. The stainless-steel mesh strap will quickly warm to body temperature, moving easily and comfortably with the movements of your hands and arms. The white dial complements the strap, the whole creating a cool, stylish watch that anyone would be proud to wear.

The minute and hour hands gleam in silver, while the second hand ticks its way around the dial in white. The watch is water resistant, making sure that it survives hand-washing, rain and occasional splashes, and weighs just forty grams, which is ideal for long-term use. The internal mechanism is a Japanese Quartz movement, which will keep you on time for all your appointments and make sure that you are back from lunch in time for your afternoon meetings. The watch comes complete with a warranty that runs for two years from the date of purchase.

The Mars Silver watch is sturdy enough for everyday use, but you may want to keep it for work and formal occasions, simply because the mesh strap is so good-looking that it would be a shame to have it become damaged or dirty from wear and tear during manual tasks.

Classic Westend Style Watch

This watch boasts elegant styling and familiarity, for those who prefer the tried and tested styling of a classic watch design. The white face is picked out with silver minute markings, the five-minute markers extending deeply toward the centre, which gives the watch an attractive appeal. Teamed with a black leather strap, this watch is perfect for all occasions and is suitable for wearing day and night if so desired.

The watch weighs a mere forty grams, and features a Japanese Quartz movement to keep time accurately. It is water resistant, able to cope with hand-washing and splashing, and is easy to keep clean and in good condition.

The watch comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, and can be worn for formal and informal occasions alike.

So, there you have just three of the wonderful watches to watch out for this season. By picking one or more of these beautifully designed and elegant time-pieces, you are sure to pass any sartorial tests with flying colours.

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