Just Floral Watches

Just Floral Watches

It seems like trends in fashion, jewelry and accessories change with the winds. Each season, the runways are buzzing with the latest designer pieces and forecasted trends for the next few months. In recent years, timepieces have seen a major fashion resurgence. Once worn almost exclusively for function only, the watches of today are both functional and fashionable. Floral watches are having a major fashion moment. They add a delicate touch of femininity and playfulness to any outfit, and they complement virtually any outfit combination or style.

Flower Watch Variety 

Floral watches come in many different styles, shapes and colors. Additionally, you can find the perfect floral watch for your collection at just about any price point that fits your budget. Some floral watches feature a bouquet of flowers on the strap or on the bezel. Other watches keep it simple by only displaying a touch of floral inspiration on the face of the watch.

Femininity Is In 

The flower watch has seen a significant resurgence in fashion because femininity is trending. Boho-chic floral peasant blouses, cozy ponchos, crochet floral lace tops and eyelet trim are being seen on every runway and in every major fashion magazine. A flower watch complements these fashion trends beautifully, and a woman can take a quick glance down at her watch during an outdoor festival or concert instead of pulling out her bulky smartphone to check the time.

Flower Watch Jewelry Pairings 

Some women prefer to wear a flower watch as a standalone accessory so that it takes center stage. Other women enjoy layering a flower watch with other complementary bangles or bracelets. Braided leather wrap bracelets add a touch of earthiness to the feminine silhouette of a flower watch. A rose-colored designer bangle with nailhead etching adds a timeless look to a pretty flower watch. A bold and bright flower watch with a ceramic link-style strap and chunky aesthetic will be best when worn as a standalone accessory. It can also pair nicely with dainty and thin bracelets. A small flower watch with a leather strap, however, can be stacked with other chunky bangles and bracelets in a complementary manner.

If you are purchasing a flower watch with an eye-catching presence, you may want to keep your other accessories to a minimum. Opt for thin chain or lariat necklaces, delicate diamond or simple stud earrings and feminine rings with soft-colored stones. If you are looking to buy a flower watch to pair with other jewelry pieces, you can choose to go much more bold, big and bright with your other accessories.

Flower Watch Clothing Pairings 

The beauty of a flower watch is that is can be worn with other feminine floral pieces, flippy skirts and dresses, and flowy tops, or it can be thrown on to add an unexpected pop of color or playfulness to an otherwise-edgy or dark ensemble. For a nautical-meets-whimsical inspiration, pair a chunky ceramic flower watch with a striped, three-quarter-sleeve boatneck top, some skinny jeans, a crossbody bag, and some ballet flats for a day at the fair.

A light-colored flower watch with a leather strap will be an unexpected pop of color peeking out from under a black-on-black outfit combination. A flower watch also adds the same unexpected touch of style when worn with a pantsuit or skirt suit to the office.

A flippy floral skirt with a basic tank top, blue jean jacket, and summery espadrilles almost beg to be paired with a floral watch yes. During the colder months of fall and winter, a bright flower watch can impart a bit of cheer and inspiration during a blizzard or on a blustery cold day.

Celebrity Inspiration 

Many fashion trends are born or re-born from designer or celebrity inspiration. Reality television stars, singers and actresses all play a very pivotal role in helping to define the upcoming trends for each new season. Many of these stars are showing up to red carpet events wearing floral clothing, jewelry, shoes, watches, mini bags, and accessories.

Floral Jewelry: A Great Way To Sample The Trend 

There are a lot of women who do not like wearing clothing with big and bold floral prints. Floral jewelry and watches offer a subtle way to incorporate the flower trend into your style aesthetic without going overboard. Of course, if you are a woman who loves anything romantic and floral, you may want to invest in a couture designer flower watch to pair with all of your pastel blazers, white tops, and floral skirts and dresses this spring and summer.

Whether you love dainty feminine accessories or prefer to go big and bold, there is a flower watch out there for every woman. In addition to receiving many compliments on your new accessory, you can probably also expect to feel a bit more dainty and feminine when you wear a flower watch.

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