Minimalist Watches

Minimalist Watches

Are you aware that the history of wristwatches dates as far back as the late 19th century? The 1st World War was a determining period when watches became not only fashion accessories, but also strategic military tools.

Many makers of minimalist watches still celebrate the simple but attractive designs that enabled senior military officers to coordinate attacks on enemies on land, in the air and on water.

The first wristwatch in the world was made in 1868 by the celebrated Patek Philippe. It was specially made for Koscowicz, a Hungarian countess.

Watches have without doubt undergone tremendous evolution over the years. With the rapid advancement in technology, lovers of minimalist watches expect so much from watch makers.

Why you should buy minimalist watches from us

The main reason why people have been wearing wrist watches since time immemorial is to tell time. Even though some people today consult their smartphones, there’s no doubt that watches are still important. If you are a pilot, caterer, airline steward/ stewardess, soldier, stock broker, doctor or priest, then you definitely need a minimalist watch. People in these professions aren’t expected to keep glancing at their smartphones every time.

Contrary to what some people think, minimalist watches haven’t become old-fashioned, and they never will. You need a wrist watch when going out, even if you own several phones.

The following are reasons why you should buy wrist watches from us:

  1. Vast experience

We have been in business for longer than most of our competitors, and that has enabled us gain in-depth understanding of fast-changing dynamics in the industry.

  1. Unique design

If you look at the range of wristwatches that are on display on our website, you’ll notice that the pieces are uniquely designed. You can’t compare them with watches made and sold by our competitors.

  1. Friendly prices

With as little as US $85 (£69), you can purchase a watch from us. Even though the prices are fair, be assured that is no compromise on quality.

  1. Wide selection

We have a wide range of minimalist watches on offer. If you walk into our store or visit our website, you’ll notice the wide selection of time pieces.

  1. Guarantee

All our clients are assured of getting value for their hard-earned money. None of our previous clients has ever been disappointed, so you won’t be an exception.

  1. Good quality

Our minimalist watches are of very high quality. The materials used are of very high quality. If you purchase one of the pieces today, you may pass it to your son/daughter, and he/she may in turn pass it down to your grandchild. That’s how long-lasting the devices are.

Why you should get in touch with us

If you have been looking for an exceptional minimalist watch for yourself, look no further. Just contact us. We have an exceptional collection of watches for both men and women.

If you come to us, you’ll most probably get spoilt for choice. Buy the Beautiful Black, Mars Silver, Blue HM (limited- edition), Classy Gold, Classic History, Classic WestEnd Style, Classic Panther or Classic QK.

Unlike other players in the industry, prices of the watches aren’t prohibitive. You can get an attractive piece for as little as US $85 (£69). If the anniversary of someone you love is coming up soon, please get in touch with us, and that person will forever treasure the watch that you’ll present to him or her as a gift. With Whollow, be assured of getting value for money. What are you waiting for? Get in touch us today!

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