When Do You Wear What?: A Guide to Wearing Your Watches

When Do You Wear What?: A Guide to Wearing Your Watches

Watches can truly transform an outfit. They can enhance a sporty look or bring elegance to a suit, but with so many options out there it can sometimes be difficult to know when to wear which kind of men’s watches. If this is something that concerns you and you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your watches, we have some guidelines that an help.

Dress Watch

A dress watch has some distinguishing features. It is usually thinner than other kinds of watches and they usually have clean, sleek lines. The higher end options can have precious jewels and gold or stainless steel. These men’s watches are worn when you want to make, as the name implies, you outfit dressier. You can wear them with a business suit as well as with a tuxedo. You might even be able to wear it with a business-casual look if it is not too fancy. These watches, however, will not pair well with jeans and t-shirts.

Field Watch

Another kind of watch is the field watch. These have a sportier look, with many of them having canvas bands. They tend to be on the smaller side, since something too heavy would get in the way of outdoor activities, and they are lighter than other options. These watches look great in casual occasions, and can be especially great for younger men. Depending on the watch, a field watch can also look good with business-casual attire.

Unisex Watch

There are a lot of wonderful unisex watches that can enhance an outfit. These watches tend to be medium sized, with clear, easy-to-read dials, and with a sleek, modern design. Most of their bands are leather, which can be dressed up or down. They are easy to wear with business-casual attire, but can also look perfect with very casual looks. The unisex style is a no-frills look that is still eye-catching.

Dive Watch

These watches are large and bulky, offering lots of information on their dials. They have a rotating bezel that helps divers know how much time they have spent underwater, but they can easily be worn away from the water in casual settings. You can wear it with casual wear, sports wear, and even business casual, making it an extremely versatile watch option to consider.

Aviator Watch

These watches have grown in popularity. They are sized anywhere from medium to extra-large, allowing for the dial to offer all manner of information. The bands on these watches are usually longer than in other watches, since they are meant to fit over a pilot’s cuff, but many options these days allow you to choose different sizes of bands for maximum comfort. They tend to have luminous bands that make it easy to read the dial in the dark and the sleek, no-nonsense design can truly enhance any business outfit. Because of its large size, however, this kind of watch is probably not the best option for formal occasions, so keep it casual.


All of these watches can be great purchases that will enhance your wardrobe. It is important to know when to wear each style, especially more exotic options like aviator watches, which tend to be large and flashy. Most watches, except for the fanciest, work well with business casual attire and even jeans and a shirt. Keep dress watches for special occasions and aviator and diving watches for outdoor activities or a fun, casual event. By knowing how and when to wear the different watch styles, you will always look your best.

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