Whollow Xmas Gifts

Whollow Xmas Gifts

December being a month of love, we deserve to love each other and give thoughtful presents as a sign of love. With that said, what is the best gift you can give your friend or colleague? Well, here at Whollows we can help you traverse relationship boundaries. Whollow is a global virtual shopping mall that seeks to create a happy society that enjoys wearing our creative bracelet and watches. Below are some Xmas presents that will surely impress your loved one.

2 Skeleton Dog Walker Time Peace Watch Gift Set

The 2 Skeleton Dog Walker comes with a sleek finish that can be worn on any occasion. The outstanding design is supplemented with a gold hand and frame to give a fresh finish.

Beautiful Black & Classic Qk Gift Set

The stainless steel design of the Beautiful Black & Classic QK watch allows you to fit in any occasion. The watch comes with a simple, elegant strap with a white dial that makes it a good fit for any fashion.

Classic Floral & Skeleton Dog Walker Watch Gift Set

This lady’s watch comes with interchangeable straps that allow you to change it depending on any occasion. The rose gold design compliments the watch perfectly, hence can be an excellent accessory with any dress. Additionally, the watch is available in several strap colors.

Classic Qk & Mars Silver Watch Gift Set

Unlike most silver watches, the Classic QK & Mars watch comes with an elegant flare that allows you to fit in any outfit. Moreover, buyers get to enjoy a 24 month warranty in case of damage.

Classic Westend Style & Classic Panther Gift Set

For 99 pounds you can enjoy the exquisite design of this watch. The black straps and the dial face will surely impress anybody you come across. This merely is; a must have watch for any person who loves an elegant lifestyle.

Classic Westend Style & Mars Silver Watch Gift Set

As the saying goes; dress well to feel well. Embracing the sleek modern flare of this watch will raise up your moods. The watch comes in 2 forms – black leather and silver straps.

Floral, Mars & Weekend Style Three Time Peace Classic Gift Set

Truth be told black complements any attire that you might have. The flowery design on this watch makes it classic and straightforward for anyone who dislikes “screaming” accessories.

Full Set of All Three Skeleton Dog Walker Watch

The full set skeleton dog walker watch comes in several colors –navy, black and light brown. The gold frame and numbers accentuated by a black dial, makes this watch a good fit for any formal occasion.

Leather & Mesh Strap Classic Rose Gold Combo Gift Set

This Leather & Mesh Strap Classic Rose Gold Combo Gift Set comes in a unique design that is complimented further by its gold hue. This watch is suited for both women and men. Moreover, it comes with a leather strap that is of different designs – plain leather and mesh strap.

Mar Silver & Skeleton Dog Walker Gift Set

Very few silver watches go for 100 pounds; this watch can be your best way to express your love or apology. The sleek straps and the perfect dial face allows you to fit in on any occasion. The gift comes in several color designs- silver and brown.

Beautiful Black Watch

The stealth unisex design of this watch makes it a must have. The black dial matches perfectly with the black mesh straps, hence giving you an elegant look. One outstanding feature of having this watch is that it comes with a waterproof feature ( 3 ATF) that prevents it from getting damaged in case of any splashes.

Classic Panther Watch

If you fancy having a Quartz movement, then this is your watch. The classic design combined with an interchangeable strap can help you fit on any occasion regardless of the event’s purpose.

Classic Qk Watch

In case you consider having a modern classic watch a great idea, then this classic Qk Watch will be the best addition to your accessories. The stainless steel coupled with a gold hue ultimately makes this watch the must have piece in 2018.

Classic Walk Man/Women Watch

The centerpiece of a dog and a human is a classy art piece. This Whollow watch comes in several colors – brown, navy and black. For just 19 dollars you can enjoy the classic design up close in your arms.

Classy Gold Watch

This Whollow watch is made of stainless steel that is finished with a gold hue that gives both men and women a sassy look. The white dial design makes the watch stand out in any event, and you can easily depict what the time is.

Mars Silver Watch

Mars silver watches are unlike other silver watches, why? They are made of a white dial face with an elegant finish of silver minute hands that make them easy to read. Japan Quartz also powers them; this explains why they are reliable. Lastly, their straps are meshed and come with a 3 ATF waterproof feature that makes them stand out among their peers.

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