Our aim and purpose is to make people happy whilst wearing our classic watch collections and this includes you.

We’ve been at the forefront of the watch industry for a number of years now. In an expanding world of retail outlets and faceless websites, we offer finely crafted watches that are great value for money while maintaining a quality of product and service that is second to none.

Our Morals:

    • Be classic – All Whollow watches are Designed in London with a meticulous design process.
    • Be helpful – We always like to make our customers happy and we give 5% of our profit to charity
  • Have fun – We try to be classic elegant and most importantly fun, after all that’s what life is about isn’t it?

From the founder:

Higor Mampuya, Whollow’s Founder, believed that that from the very beginning of starting the business the power of high quality accessories (watches, bracelets and sunglasses)  and it’s amazing benefits should be accessible and affordable. Higor is a big believer in using accessories to create an elegant and classic look regardless of your style.

Our Journey:

Higor started the business in late February of 2017 after becoming addicted to watches and general accessories to give a perfect touch to his outfits.


All Whollow watches are Designed in London with a meticulous design process.

The dramatic beauty of London – UK and its industrial and financial heritage influence Whollow’s approach to watchmaking. With each watch comes the inspiration to produce a Classic Beauty with a Modern Flair.

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